Improving our image base

A historian interested in a journal on accountancy? It happens: earlier this year we received a request for text files of a journal we digitized. That made us realize that the way we offer our digital collections through our image base (our ’Beeldbank’, which happens to contain lots more than just images) may not be suited to what digital humanists actually need. So, yesterday I spent some time looking through a list of all these collections to get an overview of what it is we have on offer – from cuneiform clay tablets to pictures illustrating the history of VU University. Are these files in the formats that researchers need? What about copyright: is it clear what researchers are allowed to do with them? No answers yet, but probably lots of interesting projects to do!

One thought on “Improving our image base”

  1. As “Beeldbank/Image base”, as you state, contains so much more than just images, it might be worthwhile rethinking the name Beeldbank

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