Introducing Digital Humanities at VU University Library

This is the first year we at VU University Library are participating in the Day of Digital Humanities. As so many other libraries, we’re aware that researchers and students who are doing DH at our university work with information in new and innovative ways, and that their scholarly output may take different forms than before. And as our policy plan for 2014-2016 states that we aim to support the whole information chain (from using knowledge, information and data as the raw material for education and research, to the dissemination of scholarly output of our university), we cannot ignore these digital humanities.

The library already provide services for GIS, and our datalibrarian is developing services for research data management. So, this year we started to think about the impact of DH in general on what we at the library are doing. The bad news: we’re not done thinking just yet. The good news: we’re not just thinking. We also participate in a DH-project called INVENiT2. We, that is Sebastien Valkenberg (subject librarian for Philosophy) and Michiel Cock (team manager Academic Support Humanities & Social Sciences) will document some of our activities here. We’re going to be cheating in more than one way: not only will this blog not represent the day of one digital humanist, it’s also not going to be one day … We’re adding some things we happened to be doing on other days this week or last week, to give you an overview of what we’re doing with digital humanities.

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