Good morning!

My Day of Digital Humanities started with an unexpected lie-in: no one in my household woke up until 7:30, which is pretty much unheard of! And a good thing, too, since I have been staying up far too late the last few evenings preparing things like the final exam for my class on Management of Digital Research Data.

On Tuesdays I tend to start the day by going for a run, to make sure that at least a tiny sliver of my life is spent somewhere other than in front of the computer. My husband very kindly volunteered to get our daughter to school (also usually my job on Tuesdays) so that I could get a move on.

Uto Kulm toward the Alps
A view from a recent run.


Now I am on the train for my daily commute between Zürich, where I live, and Bern, where I work. It takes me about an hour and a half each way to get back and forth, but I can spend a lot of the time on the train with my head down in my computer, pretending that I’m in the office already. Usually that starts with checking my email – a few weeks ago, I had a photographer following me around for a SWITCH article about my typical day in Digital Humanities, so I can even show you.

Tara on the train
Looking self-consciously hard at work as I head to the office.


There isn’t too much this morning, thankfully, which means that I can get to work on one of my current projects, which is to take some text of the Chronicle of Matthew of Edessa that I’ve edited and move it into an experimental graph data model, from which we are building a new interface to edit, display, annotate, and analyse the text. Attendees of my talk at the DH Benelux conference next month will get to see the results!