New Hardware for Content Analysis

For some years now, a team of about a dozen of us have been working on a project where we are thinking of conversation as an object rather than a linear sequence. Most recently, we’ve created some desktop kits for modeling conversations, and last fall, it occurred to one of my colleagues in Brazil (Guilherme Meyer) that we could use the same kit for doing content analysis, whether or not the content was based on conversations.

We are not the only researchers who are thinking about how it might be possible to leverage embodiment for analytical tasks. There are some good people in Germany (e.g. Simon Stusak), and an interesting TED talk that you may have already seen, here:

David Eaglemen on augmented senses

Since I had ponied up for extra legroom on the flight home, I was able to work on the paper we’re currently writing, which I hope to finish this summer.

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