In the evening

As the day goes on, I’m editing texts for the new image brochure of the TCDH. My colleagues have been working hard on it before. Even a text draft for the part “Greetings” on the very first page is finished now, yeah!

I ask our executive director Dr. V. H. how many copies of the flyer about the DH-course at Trier University in English language we shall print. Our secretary A. H. is going to prepare the print job for the university´s print office.

In the evening I´m not sure whether I’ve achieved something today. Intellectual work in digital environments doesn’t always produce direct results. There is only somewhat to present if someone asks for finite results. The publicity and scientific reputation of the TCDH are the shared success of many people working for it, my colleges and our project partners.

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In the afternoon

After lunch I had a call from an expert in science funding. We talked about a project draft following an idea by the TCDH which is probably going to be elaborated as a proposal in a fitting funding programme of the German Research Foundation (Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft DFG).

In the afternoon I ask my college Hannah whether she´s going to need support for her next workshop. Hannah will offer a workshop to the ‘children’s university’ Kinder-Uni Rheinland-Pfalz supported by the University of Trier. This event gives children the opportunity to get a sneak peek of the university atmosphere and to be thrilled by science. Children love lecture halls, Hannah tells me.

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In the morning

In the morning I usually read the news in various media channels, e. g.

This morning I found an announcement for the “Digital Humanities Experiments”-conference in Paris. Sounds interesting! I write a news article about it for the TCDH website. Then I add details about the TCDH´s philosophy to the science portal of Rhineland-Palatinate and update information on our current projects on the website of the organisation Verband der Digital Humanities im deutschsprachigen Raum.


My name is Mathilde Schrumpf. Some weeks ago I’ve been given the responsibility for public relations and scientific communication of the Trier Center for Digital Humanities. This job includes work in four fields:

  1. Media Monitoring (inquiring how others perceive the TCDH and its projects; keeping up to date with tasks currently discussed in science policy),
  2. Editing the TCDH website and Twitter account (e. g. announcing news about conferences, calls for papers, and proposals),
  3. Editing and correcting (digital) presentations of the TCDH and its projects in a local, national and international context, e.g. at the science portal of Rhineland-Palatinate,
  4. Organising the TCDH´s participation in events, conferences etc.

Welcome to this blog-post.

On this website I would like to give a short summary of my daily work as member of staff responsible for public relations and scientific communication of the Trier Center for Digital Humanities. Enjoy!
Mathilde Schrumpf