CDH Fellows at DH@Guelph

Blogged by: Dennis Denisoff and Andrew O’Malley

Day of DHSI happens to fall on the first day of our 4-day Omeka class at U Guelph. Up at 6:00 to get to Guelph from Toronto for 8:30, and then introductions to DHSI-Guelph and to our specific workshop group. We’re looking forward to developing skills that we can apply to enhancing the Ryerson CDH’s Children’s Literature Archive, and its collection of 2,500+ books, toys, and other items already catalogued and prepped for exhibitions in Omeka.

We’re particularly keen to gain familiarity with some of the Omeka plugins, as well as the best links for enhancing exhibitions. As one of our DHSI mini-projects, we’ll look at possibilities for building an exhibit around the representation of indigenous people from the late-nineteenth century to the late-twentieth century. Ryerson librarians are keen to work with us in 3-D scanning some of the toys and pop-up books for this project. But what’s the best way of capturing this analysis? With dozens and dozens of relevant items – Seton, Mowat, Grey Owl, and others – how will we make our narrow selection? Should the tools’ capabilities have some say? Is that inevitable? Could Twine be used to allow users to choose the logic of their perusal, or is this too artificial to be sincere?

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