Afternoon Coffee Break

afternooncoffeeBlogged by Alison Hedley

As it turns out, most of my CDH workday has been spent posting entries and Tweeting about Day of DH! I’m grateful for an immediate reason to interact with all my fellow CDH members, in person and in email, about their projects’ recent developments. I’m also grateful for the in-house company of student fellows Karl Petschke and Sarah Lane, who also spend nearly every Tuesday at the CDH. Our respective duties differ, but we share jokes (there is an electrical outlet on the ceiling of the CDH studio, and it continually amuses us to come up with possible uses for it. Perhaps it best serves us as an analogue… ). I appreciate their willingness to serve as sounding boards when I’m trying to think through a question (for example, about the efficacy of a particular network visualization) or when I want to share a small victory (such as the afternoon I found and successfully implemented a workaround to open Gephi 0.8.2) or when I want to nerd out about literary history (did you know that the author E. Nesbit lived with her husband, her husband’s mistress, AND their collective children for many years?). Thus while my fellow CDH fellows and I do not often directly collaborate on the tasks at hand, our research processes have an essential social dimension. I appreciate having the flexibility to work at home, in a cafe, or really anywhere—but the environment afforded by a collaborative research centre is invaluable.

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