My day starts with traveling. Cologne – Leipzig is 5:30 h

  • 07:30 – home to main station, Cologne

Cologne central station

  • 07:55 – Cologne – Frankfurt Airport


  • 09:02 – Frankfurt Airport – Leipzig
  • 12:46 – Arrival in Leipzig
  • 13:00 – yet another hotel room for the traveling DHer

Novotel Leipzig


2015 – What has changed?

My last day of DH was April, 8th, 2014. What has changed since then? Uhm, nothing much, I would say …

  • same job: still some sort of general manager for the CCeH with 50% paid by the Academy of Science of North-Rhine-Westfalia to care for the Digital Humanities aspects of some of their projects
  • same house, same address, no new kids
  • some projects have ended, some are ongoing, some new projects have started or are about to start
  • visited some conferences, met many people, did some teaching, read some texts, wrote some texts; hope I learned something in the past twelve months

… business as usual, change will come …