To-do List for Day of DH ?

While preparing the Day of the DH my main question was, “Which task would be appropriate?” – Because, of course, there is enough to do.

  • to improve a (at the moment still very simple) visualization of annotations on
  • to complete at least one of about a dozen half-finished blog entries
  • to improve the workflow of my Places of Jewish History app (mainly in German) or to add an additional language, namely English, to the user interface (that would be quite useful)
  • to intensify the discussion on BEACON-Files (link aggregation) that has developed over the past few days on

Then again, the day after tomorrow I will be giving a lecture on the “Abwehrkampf” (i.e. struggle against antisemitism) of the ‘Central-Verein’ in the 1920s. This is typical historians’ work and has nothing to do with Digital Humanities – but has to be prepared. I have been waiting for a book (an interlibrary loan) to arrive for ages now; a digital open access copy would be great …

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