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In connection with my research I sometimes, as I did earlier today (see my latest post), visit the website of “Die Abwehrblätter“, a digitized journal issued by the BSB Munich. On the one hand it is an outstanding source as information on German-Jewish (local) history, and here especially antisemitism, are concerned; have you come across a copy of the journal anywhere else yet? On the other hand, however, the retrieval function that the website offers does not deliver any results and, even more importantly, you will search in vain for licence information, metadata, an adequate resolution and a download option. There seems to exist no point from where to start for Digital Humanities methods there. The one exception would be a practicable image plugin for annotator.js or hypothes.is, which would bring us back into business. Broadly speaking, my Day of DH 2015 started and ended with the same topic: Web Annotation.

To-do List for Day of DH ?

While preparing the Day of the DH my main question was, “Which task would be appropriate?” – Because, of course, there is enough to do.

  • to improve a (at the moment still very simple) visualization of annotations on hypothes.is
  • to complete at least one of about a dozen half-finished blog entries
  • to improve the workflow of my Places of Jewish History app (mainly in German) or to add an additional language, namely English, to the user interface (that would be quite useful)
  • to intensify the discussion on BEACON-Files (link aggregation) that has developed over the past few days on de.hypotheses.org

Then again, the day after tomorrow I will be giving a lecture on the “Abwehrkampf” (i.e. struggle against antisemitism) of the ‘Central-Verein’ in the 1920s. This is typical historians’ work and has nothing to do with Digital Humanities – but has to be prepared. I have been waiting for a book (an interlibrary loan) to arrive for ages now; a digital open access copy would be great …

A Bunch of Hashtags

Hashtags for Day of DH 2015 so far: #dayofdh, #dayofdh2015, #dh2015 … One of the tasks of DH: Solving Ambiguity ?

Tweets between 12:56 and 13:06
#dayofdh (1)
#dayofdh2015 (4)
#dh2015 (0)

Hashtag #dayofdh2015 has won.

Update: Tweets 12:56 – 15:16
#dayofdh (21)
#dayofdh2015 (45)
#dh2015 (6)

… so don’t use only one hashtag!

Results of the Audio Conference

One outcome, among others, of the audio conference was the decision to call the paper that was mentioned in a recent post “Perspectives in Digital Annotation”. It will be delivered in February 2016 as a DARIAH-DE Working Paper and will be published in English and in German. The corresponding bibliography will make use of TaDiRAH – Taxonomy of Digital Research Activities in the Humanities. Use cases of several projects on digital annotation will be part of the paper.

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