In addition to the individual Day of DH blogs, we’re offering up another way for people to connect and interact before, during, and after Day of DH 2015: Community Groups and Discussion Forums.  Groups (which can be found listed here) are just a way for people to gather around a specific topic of their choosing.  Day of DH 2014 participants can create as many groups as they want (and be a member of as many groups as they want).  Each group can also have a dedicated discussion forum (all of which can be found listed here)

So, if you want to create a community forum just for digital medieval studies, digital cultural mapping, digital rhetoric, data visualization, TEI, mobile development, or digital papyrology…you can! Use the discussion forums to connect with folks working in the same space as you.  Another cool use of the new community groups and discussion forums is to connect people on your campus, city, region, etc.  The community groups and discussion forums are a great way to connect people who might be physically close, but who don’t normally cross paths.  This connection might help to facilitate in-person meetings and collaborations.

To create a group (and an associated discussion forum if you want), go here.

image courtesy of Flickr user opencontext