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A Day in the Life of the Digital Humanities (Day of DH) is an
open community publication project that will bring together scholars interested in the digital humanities from around the
world to document what they do on one day

Aurélien Berra

active 5 years ago
  • Tara L Andrews

    active 5 years ago
    University of Bern
    These days I prefer to step back and let DH get on with defining itself.
  • Computergestützte literarische Gattungsstilistik

    active 5 years ago
    Universität Würzburg, Lehrstuhl für Computerphilologie und Neuere Deutsche Literaturgeschichte
    Digital Humanities are Open Humanities!
  • Paul Spence

    active 5 years ago
    Department of Digital Humanities, King's College London
    Intento no hacerlo! El campo es cambiante y las divisiones hacen que una definición duradera sea complicada. Pero siguiendo la definición reciente para una presentación sobre nuestro Máster, para mí las humanidades digitales comprenden la creación práctica de recursos y objetos digitales con una reflexión críticia sobre las preguntas y oportunidades que esto provoca. Cada vez más se trata de una exploración más general sobre el papel de lo digital en el futuro de las humanidades, la investigación científica y la comunicación con públicos más amplios. I try not to! The field is fast-moving and boundaries hard-and-fast definitions are notoriously elusive, but what interests me is the following (taken from recent presentation about our MA in Digital Humanities): the Digital Humanities combine the practical creation of digital objects and resources with critical reflection on the new questions and opportunities which this provokes. The digital humanities increasingly have a role to play in discussions around the future of the humanities, academic scholarship, knowledge production and public engagement.
  • Sally Chambers

    active 5 years ago
    Ghent Centre for Digital Humanities, Belgium
    digital humanities is what happens when humanities researchers, developers and librarians work together on collaborative projects
  • Barbara Bordalejo

    active 5 years ago
    KU Leuven
    Digital Humanities lies in the intersection between humanities research and computer sciences. In practice, traditional humanities subjects make use of new technologies to enhance their research in various ways. Depending on the application field, DH represents from a remarkable improvement in speed and precision to a revolutionary new way to carry out enhanced forms of investigation.
  • mirroque

    active 5 years ago
    Universidade Europeia CIDEHUS
    Digital humanities is a possibility to upgrade the research methodology and offers new tools in the acquisition of knowledge in literature, philosophy, history, arts, and comparative studies in these domaines.



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