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A Day in the Life of the Digital Humanities (Day of DH) is an
open community publication project that will bring together scholars interested in the digital humanities from around the
world to document what they do on one day

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  • compludo

    activo hace 1 año, 1 mes
    I define DH by my use of it. As I engage with DH, I am looking for ways to effectively communicate scholarly knowledge with a broader audience; not just as a way of outreach or dissemination, but as laying the foundation for the democratization of knowledge and incorporation of multivocality into scholarly work. Thus, a set of tools for effective engagement.
  • Andy

    activo hace 1 año, 1 mes

    - "Listed Watch About a winter morning […]"Ver

  • Electronic Textual Cultures Lab

    activo hace 1 año, 6 meses
    ETCL, U Victoria
    We consider digital humanities to be a broad and multifaceted field that hinges on the interpretation, recontextualization, or development of cultural artifacts using computational tools and a humanistic lens.
  • Mishio Yamanaka

    activo hace 2 años, 1 mes
    Ph.D. Program, History, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
    Digital Humanities is a 21st century version of thinking and discovery of knowledge in humanities in academia and beyond.
  • admin

    activo hace 4 años, 1 mes
  • MBarchino

    activo hace 4 años, 12 meses

    Letters and numbers in action / Letras y números en acción
  • Paula Johanson

    activo hace 5 años

    - "Picked up the other poster for DHSI […]"Ver

    grad student, English Department, University of Victoria
    I defined DH for my late father as "using computers to help us study and learn, even though we're not rocket scientists."
  • Kerri Russell

    activo hace 5 años
    University of Oxford
    As a digital humanist I use technology to access a dead language.
  • Alison Hedley

    activo hace 5 años
    Ryerson University
    "DH" is a kind of shorthand connoting a whole spectrum of research questions, investigative strategies, and argument modelling. DH can involve use of humanities approaches to study 'new' media, use of digital tools and environments to study humanities topics, or both!
  • Dalia Guerreiro

    activo hace 5 años
    Universidade de Évora/ Centro Interdisciplinar de História, Culturas e Sociedades-CIDEHUS
    As Humanidades Digitais são um campo de investigação em progresso. A way of life
  • DH group at FBK

    activo hace 5 años
    Fondazione Bruno Kessler ( - Italy
    DH is the field in which Humanities and Information Technologies can interact and support each other. On one side Humanistic competences can help Human Language Technologies to tackle one of the most difficult challenges of the discipline, which is the handling of the semantics of human language texts.On the other side Information Technologies can support research activities where the analysis of texts and images plays a crucial role and that are traditionally qualified as Humanistic (e.g. Historical and Literary Studies; Cultural Heritage).
  • Martin Wynne

    activo hace 5 años

    - "Hmm, another year, another Day of DH, […]"Ver

    University of Oxford
    Digital research in a humanities discipline
  • Elena González-Blanco

    activo hace 5 años, 5 meses
    Universidad Nacional de Educación a Distancia (UNED) & Laboratorio de Innovación en Humanidades Digitales (LINHD)
    DH is the perfect mix of technology and humanities where I feel as a translator in the middle of both fields...
  • Schrumpf

    activo hace 5 años, 6 meses

  • BGR

    activo hace 5 años, 6 meses

  • Nelcy

    activo hace 5 años, 8 meses
    Historia social
    Tejiendo Red con un Volante de Hu So
  • Amelia Muñoz Bravo

    activo hace 5 años, 8 meses
    Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile - Bibliotecas UC
    DH transdisciplina de las Humanidades, las Artes y las Ciencias Sociales, la cual ha ido logrando posicionarse en el ámbito académico. Las DH permiten visibilizar, a través de plataformas tecnológicas principalmente de estándares abiertos creaciones literarias, culturales, históricas, geográficas y sociales de autores, artistas e intelectuales a lo de largo de la historia cuya obra puede a través de la DH no sólo ser estudiada y analizada, sino además compartida y preservada para la Humanidad.
  • Kasia Szpakowska

    activo hace 5 años, 8 meses
    Ancient Egyptian Demonology Project: 2K BC, Swansea University
    The melding of arts, humanities, with digital approaches, methods, and tools to create an inspiring sum that is greater than its parts.
  • Harald Lordick

    activo hace 5 años, 9 meses
  • Terhi Nurmikko-Fuller

    activo hace 5 años, 9 meses

    - "Preparing for the «Linked Data in the […]"Ver

    e-Research Centre, University of Oxford
    Complex marriage of a wide range of Humanities research questions and problem spaces, supported, diversified and enabled through the use of digital tools and resources. More of a smoothie than a fruit-salad.



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