Wicked Game

One of the things about living at my mother’s condo is trying to be a good housemate. It was evening when Mom mentioned a song that she’d like to find. She sang a lyric from the chorus and asked if we know the song. “Wicked Game,” said my partner. “It’s by Chris Isaak.”

“Oh good!” said Mom. “Where can I get a copy?”

So we helped her look it up in YouTube. In moments, Mom was listening to the song on her computer’s speakers. My partner downloaded it onto her desktop so she could play it again. She played it three times, and told us where she’d first heard the song and how she’d heard it yesterday and what it made her remember. Then when she checked her e-mail before bed she played it again. I think she’s glad we’re here to do things like this.

Here’s an excerpt from the video. It’s good to have practical skills for using computers and websites like YouTube. Today’s song download wasn’t for my work or studies, but it made my mother very happy. It’s good to be able to do small, simple things like this for her.

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