Chalk Boat

I took some time to write a post for my kayaking group’s blog. You can look at it here. I showed a photo of some chalk art, that a friend had sent me by e-mail. It took only a moment with a search engine to find the artist’s website, so I could post the photo in context. Now the image of a canoe chalked on a sidewalk is not just anonymously shared, but posted with the artist’s name and a link to his website.

My kayaking group’s blog, Kayak Yak, has been an important part of my writing for nearly eight years. I like to find items of interest for small boat users, and I like to write short articles. The blog is not the biggest / most famous/best of all the kayaking blogs, but hey, we’ve had over half a million hits in the last five years, so we’re connecting some people and ideas!

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