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I’m planning the book launch for my 30th book, King Kwong, which is a biography of hockey star Larry Kwong, the first man of Chinese descent to play for the NHL.


Contrary to what you may have seen on the popular TV show Castle, a book launch is not something mentioned in passing that happens 35 minutes later with 200 people attending and the author walking up a red carpet in black-tie finery. A book launch is frequently arranged weeks in advance and sparsely-attended. After 30 nonfiction books and a novel, I’ve become a little unhappy with the arranging and sparse attendance, so most of my last dozen books have been released without any fanfare or foofarah. But now I’m planning a new book launch for June 27, and this one will be different.

Oh, there still won’t be a red carpet, but I do have my finery to wear. We are arranging it weeks in advance, and I do mean we — there are two other authors launching their new books at the same time. All three of us have books newly-released by Five Rivers Publishing, so we’re going to promote our books together.

And instead of holding our book launch in a bookstore, as nice as the local bookstores may be, we’re holding it in Britannia Branch #7 of the Royal Canadian Legion. Launching our books in a room with a bar just might improve attendance!

It’s not entirely inappropriate to launch my bio of Larry Kwong at the Legion; he was a veteran, after all. That’s something I learned doing research online while writing the book. I couldn’t have made this book work without online search engines to help me find articles written about Kwong. As well, the databases kept for sports records sites were very helpful with the statistics for Kwong’s career in a variety of North American hockey leagues.




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