Annual General Meeting

There’s a national association of science fiction writers and professionals, called SF Canada. I’ve been a member for over twenty-five years, from when we had a paper newsletter. Now our main way to contact each other is via an e-mail listserver. Today’s note from the executive to all members told of our Annual General Meeting which is coming up in mid-June.

The note said, in part:

As in previous years, this meeting will be held online, in a forum discussion, with different threads for each discussion point, and then voting polls set up for motions made. You log in to the forum using your ID and password for the SFC website. Instructions will be provided to those who are new to this. If you are unable to attend the meeting, but want your voice to count, you may assign a proxy. See below for guidelines…

The ‘proxy’ option for the AGM comes from a time when our meetings were held in person, or by phone. It’s kind of hard to get quorum in a single room when our 130 members are spread out from coast to coast to coast in Canada, but it can be done. We started adding the ‘attend by phone’ option fifteen years ago, and for the last five years we’ve had an online forum thanks to the executive members who teach at a university and have access to Moodle and other similar functions.
Even an online forum is sometimes not an option for some members who live off-grid, or caught up in full-time jobs and parenting, so we’ve retained the ‘proxy’ option. I may take that route again this year, as the AGM takes place during DHSI and that week when I’m not at the conference I’ll be in my kayak.

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