Wicked Game

One of the things about living at my mother’s condo is trying to be a good housemate. It was evening when Mom mentioned a song that she’d like to find. She sang a lyric from the chorus and asked if we know the song. “Wicked Game,” said my partner. “It’s by Chris Isaak.” “Oh good!” Read More

Search Engines Are Not Always The Answer

Sometimes you don’t have access to a search engine, and ya just gotta know stuff. Read More

Book Launch

I’m planning the book launch for my 30th book, King Kwong, which is a biography of hockey star Larry Kwong, the first man of Chinese descent to play for the NHL. Contrary to what you may have seen on the popular TV show Castle, a book launch is not something mentioned in passing that happens Read More

Canlit Comic

This cartoon from the Get Fuzzy strip made me laugh like a lunatic when it first appeared in the newspaper. Maybe it’s not as funny for you, but I have an MA in Canadian Literature.   Read More

Chalk Boat

I took some time to write a post for my kayaking group’s blog. You can look at it here. I showed a photo of some chalk art, that a friend had sent me by e-mail. It took only a moment with a search engine to find the artist’s website, so I could post the photo Read More

Annual General Meeting

There’s a national association of science fiction writers and professionals, called SF Canada. I’ve been a member for over twenty-five years, from when we had a paper newsletter. Now our main way to contact each other is via an e-mail listserver. Today’s note from the executive to all members told of our Annual General Meeting Read More


Context is an important element in what I write. Actions happen in a place. People do actions, often for reasons. Objects are small or large, able or idle, good or bad — all in relation to each other, where they are, what is being done, and why. I wanted to put a photo in this Read More

My son’s blog

When I teach writing workshops on beginner blog writing, my students all go to my son’s blog so I can show them what a beginner blog looks like in WordPress. My son makes notes when he’s travelling by bicycle between Edmonton, Alberta and Kelowna, BC in the summers so he can go fruit-picking. I worry Read More

Image for DH Knitters

There’s a forum here on the Day of DH for DH Knitters to converse. Here’s a photo of one of my latest projects, to show you. It’s just a toy, but after knitting several octopus toys in a couple of styles I figured out how to make this one. It’s a model of a T4 Read More

Making Posters from Papers

It’s time to pick up my posters from Zap! copy shop at the Student Union Building. These aren’t posters of my favourite band; I got over that phase in junior high school. Nor are these art posters, though as an undergrad I had a copy of M.C. Escher’s wonderful “Three Worlds.” Here’s a cropped version Read More

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