Matt Hiebert’s Day of DH

Hey all,

Well every single day is a day of DH for me so to be honest, I’m living the dream. 😉

Thanks to the Day of DH organizers and ETCL administration for the opportunity to share my May 19th. It has shaped up to be almost equal parts prototyping, writing, and teaching preparation.

I’ve been occupied the last two days thinking through what conferences are and the functions they play in scholarship and knowledge creation. You could say that events are a fundamental ontological category in the Iter Community universe, and “IC” is scheduled to host live video panels in the New Technologies and Renaissance Studies sessions at the RSA Annual Meeting in Boston next year. I’ve been considering how we might model and digitally augment conference panels in ways that might make them more inclusive, participatory, and open.

The one-day old prototype has a basic HUD display over web streamed video. I’m thinking it would be awesome to add a real-time event Twitter stream overlay and build in affordances to allow users to pose questions via their own device cameras. It would also be neat to offer the capacity to pull up abstracts, change the event camera, display info about the speaker, access event archives, and so on.

Anyway, I love thinking through these kinds of problems by iteratively making stuff. And very fortunate to have the expertise of ETCL programmer Shawn DeWolfe to draw upon as well!

On the writing front I’ve been amalgamating papers on Iter Community given at INKE Sydney and INKE Whistler—written with Bill Bowen, Ray Siemens, and the esteemed members of the Iter Advisory Committee—for a special volume of Scholarly and Research Communication devoted to the INKE conference proceedings. I’ve also been working through the latest Renaissance Knowledge Network (ReKN) implementation plan (brilliant work by my colleague Daniel Powell here as always). Check out the ReKN site in Iter Community to be blown away by the amount of excellent writing that Lindsey Seatter has done for the project!

Next week fellow ETCL Postdoc / Asst Professor Matt Huculak and I teach Digital Humanities 501: Introduction to Digital Humanities. The course, part of UVic’s new Graduate Certificate in DH, “surveys and explores intellectual traditions and emergent concerns associated with computing in the arts and humanities. Topics include digital representation, analysis, communication and creation, and involve theoretical considerations and pragmatic approaches.” It’s going to be fun! After I check out of the lab for the day I’ll be preparing for it.

Happy day of DH everyone!


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