Alex’s Day of DH

Hello everyone,

I work in the ETCL as a graduate research assistant on projects across INKE and the Modernist Versions Project (MVP). My work in the ETCL tends to be highly collaborative and today has been no different!

My Day of DH has been alternately spent writing, prototyping, and coding. Most of my day has been spent preparing for the INKE and ITER hosted “Social Knowledge Creation in the Humanities” conference for DHSI, which is now just a few short weeks away! At this event, I will be talking about our z-axis research project, which uses geographic data from modernist novels to warp and deform modern maps in 3D. These 3D maps serve as interpretive data visualizations that expresses fuzzy and subjective data. Today, I’ve been mainly concerned with the question of interpretive data visualization scales, or what it means to think about the subjective and constructed nature of graphical display at scale. As I worked through this research question, I moved between typing, brainstorming on my whiteboard, and working with our 3D maps on my computer. I’m very much looking forward to sharing our work on this project at DHSI and the Modernist Studies Association conference in the Fall.

I also participated in a conference call with my wonderful colleagues Alyssa Arbuckle, Constance Crompton, and Jon Bath to discuss a chapter on “The Future(s) of the Book” we are co-authoring for the Routledge Companion to Media Studies and Digital Humanities. It is such a pleasure to take part in these collaborative efforts, and I always find the shared enthusiasm and energy of the group sticking with me as my day continues on to other work.

Finally, I took some time to code updates to Pedagogy Toolkit-—a website and repository of teaching materials I’ve developed with microgrant support from the ACH. Although my work on this project is not directly affiliated with the ETCL, it has benefitted greatly from the collaborative environment we share together (the idea for the project logo comes from our very own Shawn DeWolfe). As my Day of DH comes to a close, it is the intellectual enthusiasm and creative energy of my colleagues that I find the most meaningful component of my day. As a doctoral candidate, I find the collaborative nature of our work and our space a constant source of enrichment for all the different types of work I need to complete for my degree. I’d like to thank my colleagues near and far for all the wonderful work they do, which continues to inspire me and remains, for me, the defining aspect of what it means to do DH.

A very happy Day of DH everyone!


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