Lindsey’s Day of DH 2015

Hi! My name is Lindsey Seatter and I am one of the ETCL graduate student researchers. I feel extra privileged to be spending this Day of DH in the ETCL at UVictoria with my fellow colleagues. Currently, I work remotely from Vancouver and “Hangout” virtually in the lab space twice a week. While this is a tremendous alternative, nothing beats working collaboratively in person.

I am a relatively new edition to the ETCL team. After beginning my PhD at UVictoria in September, I came to work in the ETCL on the ReKN (Renaissance Knowledge Network) project alongside Matt Hiebert and Daniel Powell. The ReKN project is a major, collaborative initative led by Ray Siemens and Bill Bowen that aims to create an online community designed for the research, analysis, and production of work related to Renaissance/Early Modern studies materials. ReKN is envisioned as the next and newest node of ARC (Advanced Research Consortium) – joining NINES, 18Connect, MESA, and ModNets. My work on the project, thus far, has been populating, curating, and editing the content here. This massive, online bibliography is one of the major developing components of the ReKN project. Today, I have the pleasure of reading scholarly articles critiquing/exploring/praising current scholarly projects related to Renaissance/Early Modern materials as well as drafting annotations for these resources that aim at anticipating and answering the specific questions of our target audience … YOU!

Happy Day of DH!


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