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Hi All,

This is Laura Estill, an ETCL alum who is currently at Texas A&M University.  At A&M, I am affiliated with the IDHMC and edit the World Shakespeare Bibliography.

Takeaway point: community is important in DH.

My day of DH began with working on an article about TEI (the Text Encoding Initiative) that I hope to send out soon.  In the past, I’ve enjoyed teaching TEI courses at DHSI.  My current TEI-based project is DEx: A Database of Dramatic Extracts.  We’ve got thousands of lines of encoding done and now our wonderful programming team at TCAT (led by Neal Audenart) is working on the front end.

Takeaway point: get used to acronyms.  Also: TEI ftw.

This afternoon, I’ve been working on the World Shakespeare Bibliography.  Despite the bibliography’s digital nature, the work I’ve done today is very material: I’ve been physically moving books to get them to the right place (to research assistants, to the library, to our managing editor).  I also had meeting about our finances and the technical upgrades that we hope will be coming soon.  (For recent technical upgrades, we can thank Krista May, our managing editor, for launching an online contribution portal).

Takeaway point: there is more bureaucracy in DH than I anticipated.

The other ongoing digital projects I’ve been working on are Digital Acting Parts, with Luis Meneses.  Luis has made it so that you can now speak your lines if you are trying to learn a Shakespearean play.  Luis is still working on fine-tuning for some new ideas, however, including perhaps allowing directors to remix and save their version so that casts can have personalized texts.

Takeaway point: digital projects are never done. Also: collaboration is key.

Tonight, I’ll be working on another guest blog post (different blog), and perhaps fine-tuning some TEI for DEx.  And while my Day of DH has plenty of digital (TEI; World Shakespeare Bibliography), it is primarily full of humanist undertakings (reading, writing, editing).

Takeaway point: the digital is not separate from the humanities.

Hope everyone else is having a great day!



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