Dan’s Day of DH 2015

Hi!  My name is Dan Sondheim, and I’m an assistant director of the ETCL, alongside Alyssa Arbuckle.  I enjoy a lot of of variety in my work, pertaining as it does to the ETCL, DHSI, INKE, and other projects.  At the moment, a large portion of my work is focused on helping to organize the 2015 iteration of the Digital Humanities Summer Institute, which will be happening in just a couple short weeks.  DHSI will be three weeks long this year, up from the usual one.  There will be nearly 40 classes, and more than 700 registrants.  Classes run the gamut from text encoding, to feminist digital humanities, to electronic literature, and much more.  As might be imagined, there is a lot to do, from arranging for classrooms and equipment, to putting together coursepaks, to coordinating with instructors.  Things remain under control though, due largely to the wonderful team we have here at the ETCL, and more generally at the University of Victoria and beyond.   I’m very much looking forward to a successful institute! (If you would like to register, there are still some classes available; please see http://dhsi.org/ for more information!)

Happy Day of DH to you all!

All best wishes,


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