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DIY website

The launchpad for this project is the website that I probably never would have set up (or it would have taken many years before I felt the urge/need) if it weren’t for the Doing DH institute.  Now that I have it, I think everyone should have one (well, I am thinking everyone in academe).  This is the place where I organize my whole public life, with the standard emphasis on teaching and scholarship.  Although there is a page with a static c.v., I think of the whole thing as a dynamic c.v.: you can see posts from recent conferences and fellowship activities, you can link to summaries or sometimes full text of my publications and papers, you can dig right in to the materials that my students use.  The scholarly life is not supposed to be a hoarder’s life.  Here is my stuff, and if it makes the world a better place for you, your students, and/or architectural history, then my work here is done.

Many of my colleagues have expressed interest in having their own site but are stymied by the perceived difficulty or cost or trouble of it all.  Granted, it does take fiddling–and it can be a lot, especially at the start when there is a certain learning curve, or if you are a natural fiddler (like me).  But blogging is really user-friendly, especially through joints like WordPress that can make it really easy to format; it also allows people who want to fiddle more to do so.  My site is hosted by Reclaim Hosting, which is populated by some very cool and very helpful people, at super-reasonable pricing.  Although I knew my way around blogging from previous WordPress activity, I thank again the fine folks at the Doing DH institute, especially Spencer Roberts, for providing the instruction and inspiration.