In one year, a lot has happened…

In one year a lot things have happened in the DH group at FBK, let see some of them.


We presented our platform ALCIDE (Analysis of Language and Content In a Digital Environment) in many different venues: for example at the event “Europe: instructions for use” in May 2014, at the “Marie Curie Actions 2014 Conference” in November 2014, at the “First Italian Conference on Computational Linguistics” (CLIC-2014) in December 2014, during the Workshop “Exploring Historical Sources with Language Technology” again in December 2014.

During the 2015 Conference of the American Association of Italian Studies in March 2015, Selena Daly (Post-Doc at the University of California, Santa Barbara) presented a new use case of ALCIDE related to the analysis of F.T. Marinetti’s early Futurist writings with NLP tools.

We also participated to a panel dedicated to Digital Humanities with a presentation entitled “Digital Humanities, Human Language Technologies and Visualization”. The panel was organized by the Humanities Design Lab at Politecnico in Milan in June 2014.

In July 2014 we attented the great DH 2014 conference in Lausanne presenting our long paper “Sentiment Analysis for the Humanities: the Case of Historical Texts”.

In October 2014, during the Internet Festival in Pisa (Italy), within the workshop “Computer che insegnano, computer che imparano – Le tecnologie per il linguaggio della scuola”, we presented the first prototype of “School Tagging“, a collaborative tool that connects teaching activities and research in computational linguistics.

Organized events

As part of “Festival della Scienza” (Science Festival) in Genoa we organized the round table “Il tempo nel linguaggio” / “Time and Language” in collaboration with Tommaso Caselli (VUA, Amsterdam). The philosopher of language Andrea Bonomi, the linguist Pier Marco Bertinetto and the computational linguist Bernardo Magnini revealed to the public the role that time has in the language and the challenges of technology in this field.

We also co-organized the EVENTI task at EVALITA 2014, the evaluation campaign for NLP and Speech Tools for Italian. EVENTI (EValuation of Events aNd Temporal Information) had a special pilot task on Temporal Processing of Historical Texts having the aim of fostering the collaboration between the NLP and the Digital Humanities communities. For more information:

From left to right: Bernardo Magnini, Cristina Amoretti, Pier Marco Bertinetto, Andrea Bonomi

From left to right: Bernardo Magnini, Cristina Amoretti, Pier Marco Bertinetto, Andrea Bonomi

Summer Schools

Our PhD students attended a couple of Summer Schools:

  • Stefano Menini: was awarded a Google grant to attend the 4th Lisbon Machine Learning School (LxMLS 2014).
  • Rachele Sprugnoli: was awarded a grant to attend the 26th European Summer School in Logic, Language and Information (ESSLLI 2014).

New collaborations

Important collaborations have been set up.

– Politecnico of Milan: we share our data and expertise in Natural Language Processing methods with Tommaso Elli and Giorgio Uboldi of the Density Design Lab ( so to develop an exploratory visual interface to the results of linguistic analyses.

Italian Ministry of Education, Universities and Research (MIUR): as a joint initiative with Tommaso Caselli (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam), we performed the automatic analysis of linguistic data contained in the answers given by the participants of the public consultation “La Buona Scuola” (#labuonascuola). We developed a graphical interface called PIERINO, an acronym that stands for PIattaforma per l’Estrazione ed il Recupero di INformazioni Online (Platform for the Extraction and Retrieval of Online Information), to provide a set of intuitive visualizations to browse and search the data in an online environment.

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