A rough start to the day

Ok, NOT the way I wanted to start the day (it is a busy one). First, forgot my flash drive with all my updated files. One problem with living in a digital world is keeping work synchronized between computers. I don’t trust the cloud, so I use a flash drive and ChronoSync. But if I forget my flash drive at home, I am in trouble.

Then, I get to the office to find that my first meeting has been cancelled, as the person’s flight from Italy was delayed. Oh well!  We will meet again. She is a computer scientist, and now that our teaching is over for the semester, it is time to discuss our next collaboration. We are both keen on gaming and 3D. The problem is getting either time or a researcher to help out. One of my ideas is to do more with 3d printing of liminal entities.

3 Ancient Egyptian “demons” made with a 3d printer pen (a snake with arms, a turtle, a ram/Seth hybrid); a replica clay cobra figurine; a wooden divine figurine


It seems like it could be useful to create the creatures that are otherwise known only through texts or in 2D images….  Next meeting is about to start. This one is with mu DeMinions (aka 2 wonderfully gifted PhD students who are part of this project).

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