Some Principles for the Making of Scholarly Collaborative Editions in Digital Form

That is the title of the talk that Peter Robinson will be delivering as part of the Göttingen Dialog in Digital Humanities.

Today, for some reason, several scholars started to discuss Peter’s draft paper in Academia.

In the article, Peter makes reference to “interpretive” and “non-interpretive”¬†transcriptions and Torsten Schassan quickly reacted to say that the TEI makes no such distinction. It is true that the distinction does not appear as part of the TEI guidelines, but it is also true that James Cummings has publicly stated that he believes that there are non-interpretive transcriptions. This has always seemed strange to me, since all transcriptions are interpretive. How is it possible that in this day and age, anyone could think that transcriptions can be objective, is a mystery to me. My only guess is that anyone who holds such view has not carried out many transcriptions.

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