Wrapping up

I’m about to head home from the coffeehouse, having made some progress on the core of the new TEI export routine.  Because the logical units of a text are orthogonal to the pages–pages being the fundamental units of transcription in FromThePage–I will need to take a run-off style approach to TEI rendering.  This requires a container to hold the state of the rendering process as it moves from page to page, and that’s what I built tonight.

I was joined by Darcy Myers, a friend who was recently laid off from a position doing bioinformatics data science and has been brushing up her tech skills while applying for grad school and fending off recruiters.  She’s been exploring D3.js, and brought her genomics visualization project along to the Cafe Bedouins meeting.  We compared notes, and I was left with a healthy respect for the “hard” mathematical skills you don’t usually need doing web development.  It will be interesting to see how broadly D3 is taken up among the DH community.

Time to head home.  See you next year!

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