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A Day in the Life of the Digital Humanities (Day of DH) is an
open community publication project that will bring together scholars interested in the digital humanities from around the
world to document what they do on one day

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    How to create a blog

    1. Go to the website (this website!  😛 )

    PASO 1


    1. Go to the upper right side and press “Register”

    PASO 2


    1. Fill in your user profile

    PASO 3

    1. Check your email to activate your user account

    PASO 4


    1. Go to the upper right side of the website and press “sign in”

    PASO 5

    1. Again in the upper right side, press “how do you…” and create your blog.


    PASO 6

    1. Now go to the upper left side and go to “my sites” (your blog is there). Pulsar en la parte superior izquierda de la izquierda para ir a my sites (allí le aparecerá su blog). Then, go to your dashboard and customize your blog.

    PASO 7

    1. Finally, add content to your blog




    Posts are classified as categories or topics. It is important to define categories and entries first, as follows:

    PASO 8

    • Add a new “post”.

    PASO 9

    The parts of a post are…

    1. Head.
    2. Content.
    3. Category.
    4. Tags.
    6. Publication options.


    How to add an image


    • Click “add image” just below the title of the post:


    PASO 10


    • Click “add media” and upload images.
    • Add metadata to the uploaded files.

    PASO 11

    • Click “add media” and the image will be inserted into your post.



    WordPress needs a theme to be able to show any contents.

    To add a Theme, go to the leftside bar and click appearance > Themes:

    PASO 12                   PASO 13


    On the upper side the theme selected witll be shown and below other possible options will appear. Show the one you prefer, activate it and start creating!

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